One slap. It may seem like nothing. Like it is no big deal. We can try and justify it with, "So, What? It was just a slap." But no, one slap is still not okay. Living in India, this attitude is very common amongst the people. You're
Social Injustice is everyone us and yet most of us fail to do anything about it and some don't even acknowledge it. Then there those people who actually want to make a change but don't know where to start. A lot of things that we
I had been planning to do a book review since forever but I was still going and forth on whether I should or should but here it is.     Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe   No. Of pages: 359 Author: @border_poet, Benjamin Alire Saenz Genre: Young Adult Fiction
What does it mean to be "popular"? Is it having a large number of people following you? Or it is how many people know you? Doe being popular necessarily mean that you are a "mean girl/boy"? Does popularity only refer to athletes and cheerleaders? Does
Where do I even begin? The anger in my body or the fear in my mind. Sacred to walk alone in the dark. We, all Indians have normalized Rape. One rape happens as often as 16 minutes in India. I have to admit it was
Sometimes I wonder what if I was not here, what would my world appear? Would people miss my presence, or would they overlook my absence? Makes me wonder if I matter.     Sometimes I wonder if I was not here, would I still be endeared? Would people even care? Would my phone be filled