There are approximately 3.8 billion women in this world and its safe to say that many of them are menstruating this very moment. So why is it that even today, we still carry shame over something we have no control over. Even today, women have
Chapter 2      Childhood and Change   As a young kid I was the worst at studies, okay to be fair that may be a little exaggerated. As a kid, I was never good at English. I used to get 5/20 in my spelling tests. By the end, even
In the community we live in today, you'll find trash lying around everywhere. We have made use lumps of landfills where all the trash from our household is collected. A lot of things that we throw away can be used again, to sometimes by others
Paul Rodrigues once said, 'Hunting is not a sport. In a sport, both sides know they're in the game,' and yet today millions of animals are being slaughter for the pleasure of one. Many of us have pets, and every pet owner will say that
Chapter 1   Introduction   Hi. I am Nitya Dalmia, just another 15-year old girl trying to make her place in this world. You know if you asked me two years back whether I’d be writing a book about myself I would have most likely given a snarky reply
The term Sexism means, "prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, based on sex." Sexism has been an age-old problem that has been getting better with the coming years but there is still so much gap between men and women. As a Feminist, I was