6 of my favourite tv shows that you will love on Netflix

We all hoped that everyday would be like Sunday and now that it is we don’t know what to do? No schools, no homework, and no friends. It couldn’t be any worse but to make it a little more tolerable I have chosen some of my favorite TV shows that you may like.

Jane The Virgin

Jane the Virgin is a show about a woman who gets artificially inseminated and gets pregnant with her boss’ child, who also happened to be a guy she liked several years ago. Jane is engaged to somebody else at the time and everything from there starts getting complicated, from her log lost father to baby daddy’s family of criminals. Jane the virgin is everything you have imagined or even more. There is romance, drama, comedy and suspense. I have watched this American telenovela over and over again and it still doesn’t get boring.

Stranger Things

You’d be lying if you said you haven’t come across this TV show. Stranger Things has been very popular ever since it first released. This shows is also the most watched Netflix series. A young boy goes missing and in search of him his friends go out but instead find a young girl who is very different. Slowly secrets begin to unravel in the town of Hawkins and more people are in danger because of the magic and supernatural forces. If you haven’t watched this TV show, you haven’t lived. The mystery, and the haunting always gives me the chills when I watch it.

The Umbrella Academy

If only I had enough words to describe ‘The Umbrella Academy.” The world is about to end, and like the heroes they were born to be The Umbrella Academy is to save the world. Each sibling has some special power that makes them unique and powerful in their own ways. This show is a mix of comedy, action, science fiction, superhero fiction and drama. What more could you need?

The A list

Out of all my recommendations, “The A list” is the least heard of but the reason is that this teen thriller is not available in all countries but if you have this show on your Netflix don’t miss it. It is one of the only teen thriller tv show that I liked. In fact I finished watching this shows in less than a days time. This show is about a teenage girl that expects the summer of a lifetime at an camp, until a mysterious newcomer challenges her status as `Queen Bee’ and dark secrets begin to turn her dream summer into a nightmare. She starts to discover secrets that’d rather be kept secrets. This show may not be popular but it is underrated.


Talking about underrated tv shows, Degrassi fits right in. If you are looking for something light, sort of like a stress reliever, this is the show for you. There is nothing better if you are stressed or feeling anxious. It’s a “feel-good” tv show. It’s about a bunch of students who go to high school together and are facing troubles that everyone faces. This is is relatable and at the same time tackles problems like racism, sexism, and the discrimination against the LGBTQIA community. This show deserved a lot more love but I promise you that you will love this show once you start watching it.

Locke and Key

This Netflix series just came out this year and even though there have been mixed reviews about the tv show I for one loved it. It is about a family that moves to “The key house” after the loss of their father. As days pass the kids find keys that discover more and more secrets about their fathers past. In combines supernatural horror with drama. It is truly something worth watching. I finished this show in the time span of 24 hours.

Hope you could find what you were looking for. These are some incredible tv shows which will help you kill your extra time.

“The problem with Binge-watching on Netflix is that you lose three days of your life.” – Harland Williams

But again you don’t have anything to do.

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