6 Reasons why schools should not have exams

Everyone knows exams suck. The burden, the tension, the stress makes exams even worse. Staying up late, reading questions over and over again until you have memorized the question and the answer. The whole process of exams is bound to drive a student crazy but are exams worth it? I’m not so sure it is. There is a reason every student hates exams and it is not because we have to learn but because exams serve no real purpose apart from making a child’s life more difficult. So here are 5 logical reasons why schools should not have exams.

  1. Student study to pass

  2. Extra Stress

  3. Constant discouragement

  4. The constant need to feel like you have to come first

  5. They put a label on you

  6. The subjects


Students Study to Pass

The main problem with exams is that students study just for the sake of studying. Every student is good in some areas and lacks skills for something else and some student’s history, math, language, social studies or science may not be their interest but for passing their exams they have to forcefully study something they may not like. One fear that every student has it that they may fail and one reason most people study is to not fail which in my opinion should not be the case at all. Passing an exam has become so important because coming forward your whole life depends on it but instead of exams, the school should take some small assessments to see the progress and how well a student is in a particular subject. Exams are liking forcing a person to do something when the person may not have any interest in doing do.

Stress levels increase

Stress levels increase because of exams. When a person studies just to pass, they have to go through with memorizing every word because they don’t want to fail and because nobody wants to fail, students start stressing out and in the process of doing so they may lose some marks on the exam paper because they were under stress. Many students even have to pull all-nighters to get in some extra study so they don’t fail. Neither is that good for the health or the test itself. Tests have a lot of power and impact on students. It expects them to expect something good and to score good or even satisfactory marks students study line to line and all the studying can get quite stressful. When I enter the examination room I’m always stressed because I fear I might not know the answer to the questions and if I don’t I’m bound to fail but I don’t want to fail and because I overthink every small detail, I forget a lot of things when I’m taking the exams.

Constant discouragement

One of the main reasons I hate exams so much is the fact I’ll never be happy unless I get a good grade. All exams have ever done for me is discourage me from thinking that I’m useless. For many students that is the case. Exams make a person feel like they are not good enough but the truth is they are more than enough. You don’t need to be good are academics to be good but when you get low marks it makes you think you know nothing. This also leads you to study just for the sake of studying and passing the exam. All exams have ever done to students is show them which subjects they are good at and which subjects their not, but students already know that but exams discourage the students and make them believe that they need to be good at everything to succeed in life. When you get 40%, 50%, 60% or anything less you think that you have failed but you haven’t.

The constant need to feel like you have to come first

I have met so many people need to come first. Who needs to get the best grade in the class to do so they study chapters page to page but you don’t need to come first or even be the best because exams don’t tell you how smart you are. Exams cannot define a person’s knowledge. When you have the desire to come first, get good grades and be the best you start you stress yourself and in order of coming first, there are so many things you don’t learn. Exams don’t prove anything, students don’t study because they want to students study for the sake of it. While doing so they learn nothing. I don’t remember anything I learned in 5th-grade science because when I was preparing for exams I was mugging up information instead of understanding it and what it the point of coming first and not knowing anything you have studies in the future. You’ll always know that you came first and how great you felt but you’ll not know what you learned in the first place.

They put a label on you

Are you dumb or are you smart? Exams question this answer for you. If you fail or get bad marks you are labeled as dumb but if you get good marks you are smart. That is what society does. Some students are not good at certain subjects and it is wrong to judge them for their poor scores. Everyone wants the best for their children or themselves and that is why we get scolded from our parents when we score bad marks but getting bad grades does not define your intelligence. You may not be good at studies to have to be smart. You can be people smart, or book smart or society smart. When someone gets bad marks in a subject they think they’re dumb but they’re not. Getting high marks does not mean you’re smart and getting bad marks does not mean you’re dumb. What matters is how much you’re learning and if you’re learning anything than getting good grades means absolutely nothing. Exams should not define your intellectual capabilities.

The Subjects

There are only a few subjects that have exams but what about the rest. What about the art subjects. Drawing, dancing, drama, and music. I am a drama student and I don’t have exams for that. I don’t want to have exams for that but again I am not judged on my full potential. What if someone wants to pursue a career in music? They are passionate about it but they aren’t great at studies. For them, their whole report is based on academics. The music that they love and is good at doesn’t even count and when there is a system in place to check the capabilities of students just based solely on academics the student isn’t given the right opportunity to showcase themselves. I feel like this because acting is my passion. We do have assessments that are graded but no exams and I’m a very average student so when I receive my report card I only see not so good grades in subjects I’m not that interested in. The point is that exams don’t point a spotlight in the direction of art students.

You may be thinking I’m being biased. There are obvious pros to the exam as well. Some things exams are good at is making people study. Discipline, ability to focus under pressure and future are all other advantages but the question is do these pros outweigh the cons? And in my opinion, I’m not so sure they do.

It gets people studying

Of course, an exam is a way where students start to study. They won’t study if it weren’t for exams but there are so many other ways to see a student’s full potential. You can give questions and answers but what would be the point of that if the person taking the exam only knows the answer because they’ve memorized it rather than understand it and exams are not the only way to encourage students to study. Through tests, assessments, and activities, a school can very easily judge a student’s potential. There is so much more than just writing your answers on a piece of paper. There are practical and theoretical problems and when you are only basing the exam off of questions and answers you are not giving the student a chance to prove themselves. Assessments, quizzes, tests, and activities can be graded and in so many ways these can give grades on student’s actual potential to learn and this will also get them studying without having the stress or any pressure to pass or come first.

Ability to focus under pressure

Of course, when you have exams you are pressured and you still have you give your exams under pressure but I don’t think the pressure that you’re in helps you focus on the exam if anything it is a huge distraction. You check the time you have again and again because you have the fear that you might not be able to complete the paper on time. when you’re under pressure all you think about it whether you got h\the answer wrong instead. And if you do focus under pressure my question why are you under pressure in the first place? Would you rather take the exam with a calm mind or under pressure? But that’s what exam does, it puts pressure on people. And that’s because you stress too much and like I’ve said, stress is not good for you or your body.

Improves learning

Most people who are for exams always say that it improves learning and in many cases it does but most exams are biased in favor of memorization and like I’ve said memorization takes you nowhere because not only are you learning about things you don’t want to but you are also not going anywhere with that information that you probably don’t remember. If you want to improve learning then there are so many other ways for that like again by taking quizzes, tests and activities. All these things can be graded and this will not only show us how much progress has the child made but also in different fields that are not just related to writing. Some people are visual learners and some people are auditory learners. Some learn better verbally and some are better physically and exams don’t give students a chance to show their expertise outside of just writing.

I was never good with words before. I would know the answer but I wouldn’t know how to put it in words. Even today when I solve my math questions the problem isn’t that I don’t know but it’s that I don’t understand. There are so many questions that aren’t described properly as per my expectations and that is what ends up getting me bad grades. I learn everything the teacher teaches. I remember all formulas and most importantly I understand everything but when I have to give an exam because of stress, the ability to not show where I’m better at ends up giving me the worst of scores.

I have never liked exams and probably never will for all the reasons listed above. I know I’m not good at science and math and I’m not going to try to get good marks in my exam but again there is a huge difference between not trying to understand and not trying at all. Just as much as I hate exams I also know there there are some advantages to it. With exams I learn to manage my time better and which the help of exams I also revise topics I may have forgotten about. Like any other thing exams are helpful but in so many more ways exams don’t benefit anybody. It depends on who you are and how much you try. The whole point is getting bad grades is fine but not trying is not. Exams help give us a push to start trying and that is probably the only thing I might appreciate about exams. You should know things but my point is exams make you feel obligated to do something and that is wrong.

I can’t change the system but I can give you some advice and the best is to pretend like it isn’t an exam. It is going to be hard to pretend like exams are just another test because they are exams and your whole future depends on it but when you don’t give it that much importance you don’t build onto the level of stress that you have. Instead of studying days before the exam, listen to the teacher in class. Let me repeat myself, listen to your teacher in class because when you do you already know and understand half the things and when the exams come you just have to go through with what you already know. And most importantly remember exams prove nothing. You are not dumb or smart because of the grades you get and never have the mindset. Even if you get a 30% or if you fail, you’re not dumb. That subject may not be your subject but that does not make you dumb. There are so many other things that are good at and don’t let exams define yourself. Don’t be discouraged by your grades but instead learn. I know its hard to like your marks if you’ve gotten lower than you expected but go back and study your mistakes and again understand.

P.S. This blog is completely based on one opinion, my opinion. You can have a completely different opinion.

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