Songs people should stop listening to

In one of my previous blogs I made a list of songs women should listen to because of how encouraging they are but Bollywood has made it their job to objectify women in as many ways as they can. Don’t get me wrong I love Bollywood movies but I will not stand and watch women being objectified in most of the movies. What people now call as their “part songs” or “dance number” is just another way of getting money in their pocket by portraying women in a vulgar way. Whatever Bollywood is doing it is working and because kids, adults, and women themselves are listening to it and when songs that portray women in the worst way possible are being heard by people it gives them more of a reason to create more because at the end it is all about the money, right? Some people don’t think much about it because they didn’t see it like that but it is about time that we change things. People talk big about equal rights and equality but when you are listening to these songs you are no good because you are supporting sexism. Women have gotten so many rights throughout generations but when something as important as entertainment, which is vital in our lives disgraces women we are moving nowhere.

Sheila Ki Jawani

This needs to stop. I have heard this song so many times and each time I hear it, it only makes me hate this song more than I already do. I just want my ears to fall off when I listen to songs like this.

Chikni Chameli

Nothing in this song is right. Clear example of what Bollywood thinks is okay to do but in real life it is not. So please stop with these vulgar and inappropriate songs.

Gandi Baat

This video screams sexism if not anything else. One of the lines literally says, “Enough studying the A-B-C-D, Enough of sighing, Enough talking with good manners, Now with you, I’ll talk dirty and say dirty things.’ In what universe do people think this song is appropriate in any way.


Dilbar is a very famous song and when you check T-Series’ most popular songs, Dilbar is on the top somewhere and what saddens me the most is that Dilbar is a clear example of how Bollywood makes money off objectifying women.

Saki Saki

Another song which is loved by the crowd is Saki Saki.  What turns me off the most about this song is the fact that the movie this song was from was based on a serious issue and yet somehow they managed to put this song in just to earn some money.

Cheez Badi Hai Mast

She is not an object and to hell with anybody who treats her like one.  She is not a cheez, she is a person just like every man on this planet.

Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan

Now this song may not directly be sexist but it is racist. The whole song is about “white wrists” and the girl asking someone for things just because she has a fair complexion. This is exactly the kind of stuff that tells people that being “white” will get you stuff. Not only does it not support female independence but it also screams that being white will get you things. What is even more saddening is that, Indian females are the one who want to be “white”.


Now, though most of the lyrics of the song may not be sexist the video sure is. Once again a woman dancing in front of a group of men who clearly have no respect for her.

Ooh La La

If only I could see this video or even hear a word of this song. It is clearly inappropriate and I don’t even have to say anything to prove my point with this one. YouTube should definitely age restrict this video.

Agal Bagal

I cannot believe that I ever heard this song and actually liked it. The guy is practically stalking the girl without her consent and somehow people manage to like this song.

Dezi Boys

Now what they did was change the gender here. They had men being crowded around with women. To make things even worse they had to have shirtless boys in their music video.

Fevicol Se

Could it get any worse and the truth is, it could.

Muni Badnaam hui

Proves my point. Inappropriate and sexist.

Pinky hai paise walo ki

I hate to put PC in this blog but this song is just not doing it right. It’s about a gold digger who will do anything just to get money.

Aa Re Pritam Pyare

Do I even need to say anything at all?

Laila main Laila

Once again, while the movie was going in a flow, the filmmakers had to disrupt the whole movie with this song for no good reason.

Don’t touch my body Saiyaan

Even though the song’s name doesn’t touch my body it gives a complete opposite idea.

Blue Eyes

People love this song and at one age I loved it until I realized the true meaning behind this song. ‘I swear you look bomb when you wear short dresses.’ Not only this but so many other Yo Yo Honey Singh songs give a wrong idea and what saddens me the most is the fact that the main audience for his songs are kids.

Hoto pe uska

‘Hoto pai uska na hoinga, par dil mai uska ha hoinga,’ loosely translated as, ‘You’re lips say no but your heart says yes.’ I’m sorry, is it that hard for people to understand that no means no.

Bano Ki saheli

Okay, now this song may not be that sexist but when you go to a wedding you don’t just start singing for the bride’s friend. And did I forget to mention all the stalking. When did stalking become okay.

Anar Kali Disco Chali

Again, when I didn’t know too much, I listened to this song but like half the songs in Bollywood it is nothing I haven’t said before. 

These are just some of the so many other Bollywood songs that suck the life out of me because of misogynistic and male chauvinist songs that they are. I cannot believe that people still listen to these songs knowing how disturbing and sexist these can be. Not only are they sexist and objectify women but they are also not appropriate for a young audience. When a young audience sees and listens to songs such as the ones listed above they start thinking objectification is right which is far from the truth. These songs give them the wrong idea of society and how things should be. Not only kids but these are songs that nobody should be listening to because when you are you are promoting it. This is just 21 out of thousands of songs that should not be played or listened to by people because of how most of them give out the wrong message and nobody should be supporting things like these. If we want equality then we need to stop entertaining ourselves with this load of crap. 

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