What do school students think about Bullying?

For many students bullying may not be a huge deal but for some their entire life can change because of it. Many people are embarrassed to say that they have been bullied because it takes a lot of courage to stand up and say you have been bullied. In the society that we live in today, people are ashamed of this because they have a fear that people around them will see them in the worst way possible. I surely did. You may feel like people think you’re weak or a coward but you’re not and as long as you know that you’re good. And in some way, we can blame the people too because never have they let us be anything more than that but then are some people who may not take bullying seriously because they may not know how severe it is or how much damage it can do.

So to make a real change I gathered some of my close friends who are also teenagers and a student like me and asked them the following question.

  1. Have you been bullied?
  2. Have you ever been bullied?
  3. If you have, how does it feel and to those who haven’t how do you think it feels?
  4. And lastly, what would you say to those people who have been bullied?


And this was their response

Most of my friends had been bullied at some point in their life. For some it may not have a big deal but for the others it was. One student, Piya Babariya, said that she was an extrovert but because people made fun of how tall she was and because of which she became insecure about herself which later turned her into an introvert. Another one of the students, Manya Dalmia, said that she had been crying all day because her own best friends ended up turning their back towards her. Then there were the other half who were bullied but took it lightly and how you react to certain situations is up to you.

Some anonymous also said that because they had been bullied they bullied someone else and this is true and does happen a lot in real life. When someone is bullying you, you are frustrated and angry and instead of letting it go many people remove it on others. They don’t mean to do it but it happens because you don’t want to look weak and when you bully someone else you are trying to prove that you are not as weak and cowardly as others may think you are. 

I asked all of them, ‘How does it feel?’ and to be honest it may seem like an odd question to ask someone but I thought this question would get them thinking. People who have been bullied already know what it’s like but I wanted those who haven’t to think about that question because I wanted them to put themselves in somebody else’s shoes and imagine what the people may be going through when someone is unkind to them in some manner. Arham Shah also said that he didn’t feel as though he may have bullied anyone but that his words, jokes and actions may have harmed somebody unintentionally and that brings me to my next point, intention. There are many people who don’t mean to hurt someone by their actions but not knowingly they can because they were just “having fun.” For all the people who unknowingly hurt somebody the best thing to do is apologize because it’s never too late and think twice before you tease someone. 

Everyone has their own limit and their own lines that one can’t cross. Your version of crossing all limits may be very different from the person you are teasing. Along with that there are different types of bullying, cyber, physical and verbal. Many would say physical is worse than cyber or that physical is worse than verbal but it doesn’t matter what bullying it is because it is still bullying and be it verbal, physical or cyber all have a huge impact on somebody’s life. Just because a person is getting bullied online does not make it right. No type of bullying is worse than the other, it’s on the impact it leaves on a person but I can tell either of these are more than that because it affects the person going through it psychologically, mentally and socially. A certain form of bullying does not in any way justify the action. 

A message for everyone reading this, please think twice before you say something because that something may hurt the other person. The same can be said with actions, think twice before doing something you’ll regret. Many students in the video said that you should not care, and forget about it or ignore and I, being one of the people who has been bullied, it is hard. It is hard not to care. It is hard to ignore everything and it is not possible for some of us to forget it but my advice to you is to do what you think is right. These are ways my friends coped up with and everyone has some way that they can move on. For me, I don’t want to forget anything and it is because the whole experience made me a lot tougher and when I look back at it I’m thankful. It shows me how much I’ve grown from it. I had to cut all my friends out of my life to realize that they were never really my friends. We all have different ways to move on and you choose which way you want to move on because you know yourself best. Some choose to find comfort in friends and family while others in strangers. Some people cry their hearts out until there are no tears left in their eyes while some cry silently at night. Some choose to forgive while the other become a better person to show those who bullied them that they are nothing. So, today I’ll not tell you how you should move on because that you’ll have to figure it out on your own but I can tell you that there are always going to be people who will love you and those are people you can rely on.

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