What is LOVE?

Love, seems like such a small word but it has so much meaning behind it. Apparently teenagers don’t know much about love. So here is what I think love is. 

Love is not an emotion,

it is not a feeling.

Love is not a thought,

or an expression.

Love is not a choice,

because love isn’t describable.

Love is like the glue that holds on

when everything is falling apart.


Love is not just romantic.

Love is family.

Love is friends.

Love is neighbors.

Love is teachers and peers.

Love is things.

Love is you.


Love is a parent holding their child

in their arms for the first time.

Love is crying when you see your child

get a vaccination because they are crying.

Love is seeing them walk for the very first time.

Love is kissing your parents morning

before going to school everyday.

Love is always having their back

even if they aren’t correct most of the time.

Love is staying up all night

because your child is in pain.

Love is looking at childhood pictures and making fun of each other.

Love is dedicating your whole life for your children.


Love is saying sorry first,

even when it is not your fault.

Love is giving without expectations to get back.

Love is stepping in when

the rest of the world just walked out.

Love is understanding the person

without having to speak at all.

Love is hating whoever your best friend hates.

Love is friends who you can count on,

even at 4am.


Love is putting their happiness by your happiness.

Love is caring about them

as much as you care about yourself.

Love is to swallow your pride and forgive.

Love is going to the market to get things for yourself

but end up getting things for them.

Love is spending hours laughing about stupid things.

Love is loving them for their strengths

but accepting their faults.


Love is talking for hours without getting bored.

Love is being the shoulders someone can cry on.

Love is knowing that you can’t be with them and accepting that.

Love is giving them space when they need it.

Love is hearing their problems first,

even though you have problems of your own.

Love is letting them go even if it kills you.


Love is sitting on the balcony and reading your favorite book.

Love is writing with the same pen everyday.

Love is spending hours on your laptop

watching your favorite movie.

Love is traveling the world and living your dreams.

Love is pretending your hand shower is a mike

and singing in the shower.

Love is to do what you like and when you like to do it.


Love is knowing your worth.

Love is liking yourself.

Love is sitting alone in a room

with nothing but your thoughts.

Love is giving yourself importance.

Love is taking care of yourself everyday,

from when you wake up to fall back asleep.

Self love is the greatest love.


Love is not money.

Love is not gifts and love is not envious.

Love is respect and trust.

Love is acceptance.

Love is loyalty and honesty.

Love is understanding and patience.

Love is unconditional and

Love is forever.


This poem was inspired by a comic strip, “Love is…” so I thought I’d write a poem.

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