10 Most Valuable Things in life

There are so many things people take for granted but shouldn’t. Of course, house, clothes, shoes, jewelry and books are a big part of our life. They are things we need but there are so many things outside of all materials that should hold value to all people. These are things that truly matter. So here are 10 most valuable things in life that people should care about.

  1. Time
  2. Knowledge
  3. Money
  4. Purpose
  5. Community
  6. Respect
  7. Love
  8. Patience
  9. Courage/ Strength
  10. Happiness



Most people don’t realize how important time is. Time is what our life depends on. People say timing is everything and they are not wrong, timing is everything. You know a matter of 2 minutes could save someone’s life but the timing of 2 minutes could ruin someone’s life. Timing is a huge part of our life. You don’t buy your clothes while they are on sale, you’ll lose the opportunity to buy them for a lesser price. You want to tell someone how much you love them but by the time you want they have already left. You put a cake in the oven for too long, it doesn’t taste good. You don’t reach the airport on time because you are scared of deciding whether you want to leave everything behind for your dreams, but the flight already took off. Time is such a huge aspect of our lives and so many of us forget that time matters. You don’t need to schedule anything and that’s not what I mean. You live your life the way you want. Life is too short so don’t waste time thinking about what you are going to do just do it. Time never waits and neither should you.


Knowledge isn’t just important because your future depends on it but it is important for your understanding and personality growth and development. We all know how much education helps us. Our entire future depends on it, our career, our money. Knowledge helps you prepare for life long skills and you get to know so much about the world and the people. Knowledge also helps you shape your personality and understanding. When we are young, it’s education and knowledge that end up building the morals and values inside of us. Do you know why schools teach history? It is so that we don’t repeat the same mistakes that people did in the past. Every subject has some purpose and the more you know the better. You don’t have to be good at everything but you should respect and value everything you know because it has helped you in ways that you don’t even know. Everything helps, reading helps your vocabulary. Math helps you deal with problems that you might face when you grow older. Then there are other sets of education. Knowledge about cultures, values, morals, and traditions. They ultimately help you become who you are today.


Money can’t buy everything but nobody can deny the fact that money is one of the most valuable things in society. A community can’t run without money because everything runs on it. Money can’t buy happiness but money can buy many other things that one needs in their life. We are all materialistic people because at the end of the day it comes to how much money we have. Every resource in our life comes with a price and only money can get us those resources that we desire. Many people see money negatively but I don’t and it is because it is the way we all live. There is not much to say about money because our economy and our world are all dependent on it. The only thing I can say about it is that money will come if you stop chasing it and start chasing your passion, this goes for whoever you are and wherever you are. Money doesn’t grow on trees and if it doesn’t come easy. You’re just going to have to wait and work as hard as you can for it to come to you.


What is life without purpose? The question is what do you want to do with your life? We all have some purpose or simply just what we want to do in your life. I don’t believe that we are all born to do something specific. I think we are born to live our life the way we want and what we want is purpose. I could get in a car and I could drive without knowing where I am going but what will be the purpose of that if I don’t know where I am going. In our lives there will always be a time where we just won’t have a purpose. We just wouldn’t know what we want or what we need and that’s okay but we all have a purpose. We all have something that we need to succeed. We have what it takes to survive this world and sometimes you just take time to find out what it is. You will never live if you don’t know your purpose in life. You will be lost without a purpose in life which is what makes purpose one of the most valuable things in life. You can live a life without purpose, but what does your life truly mean if it didn’t have a purpose to it?


Here, by the community I mean everyone, people we know or people we don’t know. I mean community as a whole, as the whole world because after all, we all live on the same planet. Has anyone ever wondered even though we all live on the same planet we have created differences amongst ourselves? We are all a part of this big community that has small communities within it. We are all the same yet we are all divided by race, gender, religion, and sexual origination. These small communities are what make us turn against each other but that besides the point. What makes the community a big part of life is that we are the community and we are a huge part of life, maybe the most important. Our community and our relations are all that makes our lives much better. Our family, our friends, our acquaintances are all a part of this community. Everything revolves around our community. Our communities are us and that is valuable.


Respect is a thing everyone knows about and yet many people don’t know how to respect. Our differences and our perspective are what end up causing the lack of respect. Let’s take an instance. You hear a rumor about someone and the rumor is quite nasty, you have two simpler options, 1, you could ignore the person the rumor is about and behave in a horrible way or 2, you could show them some respect and let them tell you what happened. Respect in a lot of ways has something to do with kindness. You don’t have to like a person to be kind to them. The same goes with respect, you don’t have to like someone to show them respect. In today’s community people forget about respect because their opinion on the matter may match with another person. Respect is about acceptance. It’s about accepting someone even if they are different from you. Again race, gender, sexual orientation come in the way of respect. Some people get less respect from others just because they are who they are. You can be a very smart person but if you don’t have respect and compassion for people you are no good. If you want people to respect you, you’re going to have to start respecting others.


Where do I start? For everything we have some definition but love is something, I can’t describe. For everyone love could mean a different thing but love is one of the strongest and most valuable things in life. The only thing that can ever overcome hate is love. Love can transform people. Love can do wonders and not just romantic love but any love. The only reason humanity hasn’t vanished away from Earth is because of love. We all love something and somebody and that is exactly what keeps up going. That is what helps us to get up every day and get out of bed because we have something to look forward to. Love and purpose and connection. To find your purpose you just need to find what you love and chase after it with everything you have in you. I could probably write the whole Bible definition of love because it is so accurate but I think we all know what love is and how much it means to everyone. Love is not something to die for, love is something to live for. I have talked so much about love in my old blogs but still don’t have enough words to describe it. To check out my blog about my first love click here. To check out my blog about what I think love is click here.


Another thing most people don’t realize is important in life. We all want to rush into things and get it over with as fast as possible, be it standing in a long queue or the desire to earn money but whatever it is, patience is essential. Nothing was built in a day, it takes time. The key to patience is time. Take an instance where you are all by yourself trying to make money but nothing is working but you are so desperate to get the money that you are wasting your time doing the wrong things. You just need to stop for a while. Stop running, sit down and think about what you want to do. Calm yourself and think about what truly matters to you and run again but this time you will be running in the right direction. You have to be patient to achieve things in life. We all wish that we would snap our fingers and the things we want would just be right in front of us but that’s not how life works. We need to slow down and wait for our life to catch up. We need to wait because success and money are closer than we think if only we learn how to wait. Be patient in relationships and life.

Courage/ Strength

All of us have something or the other which we fear and that is more than okay. Courage is not having any fears at all, it is about facing your fears. Don’t get me wrong your fears are what keep you safe but when I talk about courage I mean the ability to face the grief and the strength. We have all had our fair share of struggles and problems and courage is what helps us lift our spirits. If you have overcome a struggle you’re already tough and have a lot of strength within you. It’s about head-on head facing your problems and winning that battle. The reason why shows like Fear Factor are so popular is because the people who go on the show do some of the most dangerous things. And some may find it stupid but the reason why I like it so much is that there are so many things in life that we don’t face just because they are hard and that show pushes them to face their fears. Being courageous is not hard. As long as you don’t give up you are fine.


Let me just quote Dumbledore’s words here because there is nothing else that explains it any better. “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” We all have a life but if you aren’t happy you aren’t living. There is always a point in life where the darkness overtakes the light, the happiness within you but if you want to live a happy life, a life that you love, then you will have to fight your battle against all the negative things in your life. Some people get caught on money, pride, fame, and to get those things they forget to live their life to the fullest. The thing with happiness is that you can find it in the smallest corner. Happiness lies everywhere you just need to find what’s yours. Even something as small as a comb could bring happiness to you. Parents, family, friends, teachers can be a source of your happiness but nobody besides you can tell where your happiness lies. Happiness is one of the very few things that make up one’s life. Happiness is not measured by money but it is measured by the things you love. At the end of the day those are the memories you will cherish and look back on.

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