What is Life?

When you think of the question, ‘What is life?’ What is the first thing that comes to your mind? Take 2 minutes and think about what life means to you. Now, you probably have a long answer or something you may not even know how to put into simple words because for you life may be harder to put into words but life’s simple, at least it is for me. To me life just means freedom of choice. Life is nothing less, nothing more than what you make it and it is just as simple as that. Your life is your series of decisions you have made and wherever you are in life you are there because of what you made in your life.

When we are young our lives are very simple. There are a set of things we love and then there are a set of things we don’t and somewhere in the simplicity we find our happiness. Things as small as playing Uno with your friends seems to light up our face. When you’re young you don’t have to worry about anything, you’re the one everyone is worried about. You get showered by love hour to hour. Running around the house, screaming in people’s years, speaking gibberish to annoy everyone else, talking to yourself, pinching and pulling people’s hair was what got us laughing throughout the day. We had dreams but not the kind of dreams we have now. Back then being a princess or a heroine or a superhero were dreams that made us want to get up everyday. What happened next? We all just grew up. 

Don’t tell me you haven’t come home at least once and complained about how horrible your day was. We all have and even though complaining doesn’t make anything better but it is a great way of letting your anger out. We’ve all had bad days, for some of our days that were too much to handle because every bone in our body was hurting. There are days when you feel like you don’t want to do anything but whatever you do it’s all you. The best thing about life is that it belongs to you and only you. You get a life and you get to live it the way you want to and somewhere along the line we all make mistakes. Not making mistakes is inevitable. We all have low and high points and we just like blaming it on life but it’s your life. For a long time in my life, I felt bad about what had happened to me. I pitied myself by at the certain point I had to stop moping and do something about it. 

Life doesn’t have to be hard and life doesn’t have to be unfair, it’s us who make it that way. It’s not life’s fault that something bad happened to you. Life can be very simple if only one knows how to live it. When we grow up things become hard because of love, time, money and so many other things. All we really need to know is how do we take all the important things and make it into something great. Something worth living for. Life is short and every second matters. You want to ask someone out to go do it. You want to tell someone you love them to do that. You want to chase your dreams, go for it. Want to travel to another country, take your shot because if you don’t you will regret not doing it for the rest of your life. You just need to know what you love and go after and life will find a way to make your dreams come true. It will give you happiness. 

Have you ever thought about the way you live your life and how much impact you can have on somebody else’s lives? We all make decisions and sometimes we end up regretting it because of the consequences it had but that’s the thing you always have a choice. When people say they didn’t have a choice, believe me you did. I learned from Suits that if someone points a gun over your head you have 146 other moves. Maybe you remove a gun and turn the tables on them, maybe you call their bluff but you always have a choice and what you choose is always going to stay with you for the rest of your life. Life is freedom and what you do with that freedom is up to you and so make a life that people will remember. Make your life something worth remembering. You can be mean, selfish, unkind but you will not be doing good, either to yourself or to somebody else because the way you choose to live your life affects the people who are in your life. 

Your words are more valuable than you think and so are your actions. Small things such as telling someone they look that day may just boost up the other person’s confidence. Helping a stranger while they are hurt will save them. Walking an old man across the street may just save his life. Then there could be the complete opposite. Maybe you didn’t notice somebody at school and they just got lonelier and lonelier everyday. Maybe the old man couldn’t see properly and got into an accident. Maybe the stranger couldn’t reach the hospital in time and got an injury that would stay with him throughout his life. You may not even realize it but everything you do impacts the lives of people around you and I mean everything. Every word you say, every action you do and you may not realize it but it could affect more than just one life. Life is more than just about yourselves. There are people around us, people who love us and what we can do to make their lives as well as our lives much better is just be better. Your kindness, your ability to care, your actions to help people may just help somebody turn their life around. It’s not hard giving people respect and showing them kindness. You’d just be making somebody else’s and your own life better in many ways. 

We like blaming our failures on others and it is much easier that way but in my opinion I think we are the only ones that can truly decide what our life will look like. We are all the villains of our own stories. It happened because we let it happen and for others it didn’t happen because we didn’t let it but nobody besides us can make our life. You hold your life in your hands and when we blame somebody else for doing something bad to us it is because we gave the remote to our life to somebody else and we let it happen but what is worse is that some of us just feel bad about it. Yeah, something bad happened but what are you going to do about that? You still have a choice, you can feel sorry for yourself or you can change that but whatever you choose it’s on you. Do you know why life is not a fairytale? It is because we are all villains and heroes of our own lives. We decide what comes after now and we always will. It may seem scary at times to have so much control but we can either do something good with ourselves or bad but whatever you choose remember it’s on you and only you because you have a choice. We are not the villains of somebody else’s story, we are all the villains of our own stories but we are also the heroes. Well, it varied from time to time. 

This may be shorter than most of my blogs but there is nothing more to say because just as “complicated” as life may seem it’s really not. You just need some purpose and you’ll be fine. I can’t promise you, you won’t have troubles, we all do and most of the time we dig the graves for ourselves but nobody other than us can decide what comes after. Embrace your freedom. Live life the way you want to but also remember to be kind to everybody, even people who are unlike you. I’ll say it again, life is simple, only one knows how to live it.

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