How well do you know people around you?

In the current events, a specific topic has grabbed the attention of millions of people and if you guessed mental health you are right. After the demise of the talented actor Sushant Singh Rajput, mental health discussions and posts were all over my social media post and I’m guessing yours too. This event has opened the eyes of thousands of people or has it? One day I opened my Instagram and all I saw were my acquaintances sharing stories about mental health after tragic news was shared with the world which has left thousands of people in mourning. My condolences go to the family and friends of the brilliant actor.

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When I first saw all those stories, I couldn’t help but judge every single one of those people who had posted something like, ‘If you are sad, angry or depressed feel free to talk to me even if we are not friends, talk whenever you want. I am here to listen.’ At first, like everyone else I thought it was something nice to say because lots of people go through problems and knowing that someone is there to hear will make it better but after reflecting on Mental health and its causes and effects I concluded that everyone who posted such a thing is nothing but a hypocrite. The same people who shared this story are the ones that take pleasure in making fun of other people and talking trash behind their backs. They say, ‘come to us for any problems,’ but how do we come to you when you are the root of the problem. It is not about a specific person or those specific people who I follow, it’s about everyone. We all have negatively talked about others. We have made fun of other people based on their race, class, social status, gender, and the list can go on and on. So how can people who are dealing with mental health issues ever talk to us when we are the ones to blame for their wellbeing. We all have done horrible things in our lives and many of us do so every day, but when someone posts something completely different to who they are in real life, it is beyond upsetting. Instead of posting things about giving advice and giving out help, focus on becoming a better human. Tell your friends and mates that they mean something to you, talk to them, make them feel loved. You don’t have to tell thousands of people what a great person you are, you just need to prove it to those closest to you.

After everything, there is this one question that never leaves my mind, ‘Why did something so horrible need to happen for the world to give importance to a serious problem?’ We can be nice after someone passes away, but nobody shows the same kindness and care when they’re alive. You hear statements such as, ‘they were such a nice person,’ and, ‘they didn’t deserve this.’ Why didn’t you say this to them when they were alive? Why does damage have to be done before people realize that every day their actions and words affect someone else’s life before it’s just too late? We can prevent so many things only if we reflect on our lives. It’s the 21st Century and people are still being discriminated based on their gender, race, sexual orientation, nationality. Will there ever be an end to it. We are part of the problem. We discourage, bully, and discriminate. It’s so easy to blame someone else and say hey, it’s your fault that disaster is striking, but you are equally responsible. People who don’t stop it are equally as guilty. I said you are part of the problem but you’re also the part of the solution.

You have friends, right? Parents? Teachers? Just someone you can talk to and spend hours with. Have you ever just asked them, ‘Hey, how are you,’ ‘How are things going?’ ‘Are you happy?’ Very few times do people ask these questions and very few times they get replies other than good, great, cool but none of us know anybody but ourselves. We are not mind readers and we cannot tell who is happy or unhappy. Are you sure your friend is happy? Are you sure that there isn’t anything in their life that is bugging them? If you said yes, how do you know, did they say that to you are or you just think you know them well enough to say that they are happy? Maybe they are happy, but you can make their life just a little better. Approximately 132 people commit suicide every day and if any of those days someone would have told them, ‘You are such a valuable part of my life. I don’t know what I’d without you. You make my life so much better because your presence lights me up,’ they may have been alive but no one did.

132 every day, 3960 every month, 47520 every year, that’s how many people think that dying is a better option than living. If only somebody would have told them that their presence is valued. Every year thousands of people go into depression, fighting every day, some make it some don’t. Today the whole nation is talking about mental health. Today, we had a discussion about it in our class. Today we are talking about it because of the events that took place recently in the country, but will we still be talking about it tomorrow. Or will it become ancient history as it won’t be “trending” anymore? Today we’re speaking up because everyone is speaking up but what will happen tomorrow when no one does.

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When we’re young, we are all taught basic manners. Be nice. Be kind. Help others. Never talk bad about anybody. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Support others. Help people in need. Why do we forget that when we get older? It’s very simple. Be nice. Every word you say, everything you do will affect every person that you have ever seen in your life. And tell your friends, family, parents, teachers, everyone who means something to you exactly that that they mean something to you and that your life will not function without them. Use your words for the better. Wouldn’t you much rather have your words save somebody’s life than destroy it? You don’t know anybody around you and people will not tell you who they are unless you don’t ask. Have an actual discussion with your friends instead of gossiping about someone else.

Millions of people struggle with their mental health every day and so many don’t know who to talk to or even how to tell them. You have this constant fear that you’ll become weak and vulnerable and that people won’t accept you. Crying would feel like a crime. The loud noises of people calling you names if you come and talk will budge you every time you want to open your mouth but we can’t all base your future if we don’t try. The future is uncertain but the present is miserable and it will continue to be so if you don’t try. Someone, somewhere in this world will listen to you and love you regardless. Don’t base your fears on the uncertainty of the future by not taking a chance on breaking the shackles you that you are chained in. Talk to someone, anyone.

For all my friends, family, and everyone dear to me, you mean a lot, and every day is much better with you in it.

Send this to people to spread mental health awareness. Send this to all the people who mean something to you.

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