5 Easy Tips and Tricks to Write a Book

At the age of 14 I wrote my first book, Stuck Up. This is by far one of the biggest achievements of my life. When I was a kid I was the worst at reading and writing, heck, I used to get 5/20 in the spelling tests. I was the worst and never could have imagined that by the age of 14 I would end up writing a book, I had always wanted to but I wasn’t quite sure I had it in me to write one. It’s not like I had planned writing a book, like many other things in my life it just happened. After facing many problems in real life, I started creating a place that I could escape to. My subconscious took over and a lot of what I write is inspired by my true life. Stuck Up is a teenage romance novel about a young boy and girl who think they are in love but that’s all they need to hold onto each other. When you’re a teenager there are a lot of things unseen, and when you start to discover them, the ugliness starts to unveil. The story explores a teenage romance, somewhere we’ve all been. But without boring you too much, let’s get into it.






Sorry to break it to you but you cannot write a book if you don’t start and just search. I get trying to make your writing better and more engaging. We all want to write a book which is perfect and a book that everyone will like and most people think to do so you have to add something extra. Nothing will guarantee your success. All the blogs about becoming a best seller is not going to help because if your content is not good, it won’t matter. Nothing and nobody can determine your success. If you go in thinking your book is going to be a best seller, you might be disappointed. There is no trick to a better writing, all you really need to do is pen down your thoughts, and finish your story and we all know you won’t finish the work if you don’t start it.



This is a very critical part of writing. When I was writing my book I had a lot of time in my hand because it was during my vacations but even though I had months to write and finish the book. There were weeks were I would just go without writing a single word in the piece of document and that is okay. Someones you just don’t feel like writing and even if you try to write you just can’t think properly because you’re not in that mood so the best way to come up with good quality content is to write when you feel like writing. If you were to write at a point when you didn’t want to you’d be forcing yourself, and forced work is never good. When you think you’re ready and you cannot wait to pen down all your thoughts you should write then.



There is no time frame. ‘How long does it take to write a book?’ I get asked this question quite a lot. When young writers start to write their focus goes on how much time will it take. Us humans want to get things done quickly without putting in too much effort. We just want to get it done with but when you’re writing a book, you have to give your book the time it needs. Sometimes a book can take a year to write, some take 2 months but this depends on the story and what the author finds is the appropriate ending to the book. I took about 3 months to write my book and one of the reasons why this was was because I had a lot of time to write and some people may not because they may have a busy schedule and that is okay. As long as your writing, you’ll be fine. Take your time and only and only end the book when you feel like you have reached a good ending and worked to your full potential.



‘How many pages should the book be?’ Second most asked question. It doesn’t matter how many pages you write and if you begin with the mind set that I will write 200 pages or 500 pages your book will not turn out to be good or at least you may not be satisfied at the end. A book can be as short as you’d like or as long as you’d like and when you start writing a book you will never know how many pages the book will turn up to be and that should be the thing you should be least concerned about. When you feel like you have reached the ending of your book end it, don’t stretch it too much.



There is no better way to explain it than this, ‘Good writing isn’t how complicated you can make your diction or sentence structure, it about how well you can express through your imagination.’ The Catcher in Rye and To Kill A Mockingbird are the best example of such writing. The writing it so simple and so easy to read and yet it is very successful. It expresses it’s points with much clarity than most books I have read. As long as you write what you believe in you will be fine, you’ll be more than fine.


Every author has their own way in which they express themselves and this differs from person to person and I will not tell you how I wrote my book because ultimately it may not be of any use to you because it may not be how you choose to write. As a beginner and a young author it can very difficult and scary writing a book. You start to judge your competence and whether people will actually buy your book or not but why not worry about those things after you write the book, I’m kidding, I’ve been there, done that. The fear of my books never stopped me from writing because I love writing and I’ll never give up on it. If my first book doesn’t see, I’ll write another one and will do it again and again because the satisfaction that you get after you finish the book is unmatched and when I see myself I’ll see someone I can be proud off. Some may say, take a hint, your book doesn’t sell, stop writing but I don’t believe that. If you love writing, never give up on it. Chase your happiness through your writing.

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