Questions I have no answers to

Some questions have no right answer and it confuses the hell out of me. Is it this or is it that? You can never really tell because either way you’re wrong, well and you’re right. Some of these questions were questions that were bugging me for days. You need to think in deep to answer these questions and sometimes your thought will change your answers the longer you think about it. I love being opinionated, the best thing about me. I like to have an opinion even if people may not think it is right. What matters is that you should have an opinion, doesn’t matter whether it’s right or wrong but again no opinion is ever wrong but the way somebody else might look at things can be very different than how you look at things which is why I respect all opinions even if it may differ from what I think. We all like being right and opinions don’t do that job now do they but as long as you have opinions and you stick by them I respect you. My experience and somebody else’s experience will not be the same and based on that neither will our opinions but at least we have opinions. So this is about what people think and what I think. When I can’t frame a perspective about something it eats me up from the inside, so I chose to do the same with others.
Here are some questions I put on my Instagram story and these were the responses. Make sure you tell me your opinion about these topics in the comment section.


Can People earn Redemption?

This question kept bugging me for days. After watching One Tree Hill I couldn’t stop thinking about true redemption or even if redemption exists. There are many crimes in the world and can somebody if given the chance redeem themselves somehow? When we think about things like theft or shoplifting, it is easier to forgive someone, but more than forgive they can be a better person and earn redemption but what about other crimes. What about murder? In One Tree Hill, I the antagonist shot his brother but he saved many people along the way, his son, his daughter-in-law, his grandson, does his actions atone for the crimes he committed in the past. Does he deserve to be forgiven? He took away someone’s husband, father, uncle, so can he earn redemption? It interesting how many people said that redemption can be earned but can it? For the worst of crimes, can it still? After thinking about it tons, I don’t know. I wish it was as easy as a yes or no question but it’s not.



Should schools give homework?

This question is quite easy for me. Should school give homework? No, not and you may think that’s nothing new, nobody likes homework, especially if you get that answer from a student. Not liking homework is an understatement. I hate homework and I’m not just saying that because I am a student, well I am but I have valid reasons to back me up. I don’t see the point of giving homework. So we study at school, then we come back home and study some more so what’s the point of going to school if we have to come back and study. It just doesn’t make sense. People say it’s a good way to revise what you have learned, I just learned it today, how forgetful do you think I am? So not only are schools taking away the time that kids could do something they like but they are also stressing someone out. Give optional homework. Some people enjoy doing homework and others don’t, that way nobody feels burdened to do the work. Now you see a lot of people agree with me, clearly, 68%, but I can understand why 32% of the people would feel like homework is important. It’s so the student understands the lesson well and comes to class with the information needed to proceed. I still don’t like homework though.



Should people use leather and animal skin?

Who doesn’t love animals, right? But what do we do to animals, we use them for their skin. Leather, wool, snake-skin, and many other things. It is wrong you would think. Why does this question belong here? The mere reason this question is important is that every year lots of animal skin is used to make purses, bags, wallets, and shoes and though people say that is wrong for people to use these things lots of them do. But what if, we didn’t hurt the animals in the process, would that be okay? Or, consider another scenario, what if the animal died and then we took their skin, would it be okay then? Is using elephant tusk, all right? Is putting deer horns up as your decoration ethically correct? Is it right to use horsetail to make bows for your violin?



Is Technology good or bad? 

There have been debates going on about whether technology is good or bad for decades and we still don’t know whether it is good or bad. Like everything else, there are pros and cons to both things. Most people said that technology is a good thing and for the most part I agree. We are here today because of technology. I can still at my home and order things from miles away and I’ll get in it a few days without moving a bone in my body. I think this question itself is wrong it’s not whether technology is bad, it is how humans use technology is bad or good? But again even that question can have different answers. It can be addictive, nobody can live without their phones, and though it might seem bad, your phone stores everything you need.



Is Abortion Right?

One of the hardest questions I have no answer to is this question. I am a very opinionated person and just as much as I want to stick to one side I don’t know which is right. A woman should have full right over her body and she should decide what to do with it but if you look at it from an ethical point of it would mean you’d be killing a child. A fetus who didn’t even get a chance to live. Lots of people get pregnant at a very young age and at that stage they can’t even provide for themselves let alone somebody else and then some people are not ready to have a child, though there are other options like adoption that parents can consider, there are many scenarios or fears the parent might have got a baby in this world. After a lot of thought, I still have trouble deciding, whether it is the right choice for a mother or whether it is morally wrong.



Is it Ethical to eat meat? 

I am a vegetarian and you can guess just by that which side I’m leaning towards but this question is not as easy as it seems. You can clearly tell that by the number of votes Yes got. Though most people thought that eating meat was ethically wrong the other 47% of people thought it wasn’t. I think most of the people who said yes were non-vegetarians. Most people are and that’s all right. I am a vegetarian by choice. I don’t like the fact that animals need to be harmed for my pleasure. It feels morally wrong. A lot of people have arguments about this and why vegetarians are hypocrites. Once while having a debate about this subject at school, the other side presented an argument saying plants also get hurt so why do you eat that and that question in itself sounded dumb to me. I can’t stop eating but by my eating choices, I can minimize the damage that is being done. What’s so ironic is that the same people who voted for, yes, in this story were the same people who objected to using animal skin. Both are made from animals and killing an animal for the meat is much worse than using a sheep for its wool. Not to mention being vegetarian is also better for the environment. 7.7 billion land animals are killed each year for food. Being a vegetarian saves almost 25 animals each year, that may not be a lot but saving is a good thing from where I come from.



Zoos should be banned

Okay, so one reason why there are so many questions about animals is that I like animals. I am terrified of them but I like them. Humans don’t deserve them. Animals feel too and it is not fair how we treat them. Zoos are one of the major sources of entertainment when we are young. We’ve all at least been to one zoo, or know the purposes of Zoo. They are fun. It’s a whole different experience seeing an animal so close to you but all that there is that separates you and them is the silver metal rod. Cage. I was not surprised by the number of people that voted for yes, zoos should be banned. No brainer, right? You’d be giving all the animals a real-life full of freedom If you ask me what is life, life for me is the freedom of choices, shouldn’t animals also get a fair share of their freedom? Zoos keep them trapped and we don’t even know if they get a sufficient amount of food to eat but we all know zoos have been such a big part of the life a young child, should take away their happiness. What if the zoos gave the animals everything they needed to survive in that condition, would you still ban a zoo? Or if the zoo was made at a very large spacing providing enough land for the animals to live, would that be justified? Would any of it?



Is feminism irrelevant in the 21st century?

Let me just start by saying that as a feminist I was disappointed in how many people chose yes. If you have been keeping up with my other blogs you would know that even today sexism is alive and well and though things are changing things are far away from perfect. People still judge, harass, and objectify a woman even to this date but I can understand why people would say it’s irrelevant in the 21st century. Women have gotten the same opportunities as men in many fields. I don’t agree with it but it’s definitely an opinion, which is why I respect it. To know more about this subject click here.



Religion should be taught at school?

Science is taught as schools, why should religions? In 6th and 7th grade in my school, we were taught religious education and I loved the subject so forgive me if I’m partial to religious education. I always scored good marks on my exams. Most people may not see the need for religious education at school because they are myths and most schools prefer not to promote that, how can they, they believe in science. There are a lot of things science can’t prove, I mean how can we rely on science when the thing that created us all, is in itself a theory, the big band theory. Now though there might be actual evidence, it’s still a theory. Most people as shown in the image would not like to learn religion at school, and then some people would. I get both sides, again, it’s a very hard question. If you’re teaching religion you’re going against everything science stands for but you can teach both and let the students decide which they want to believe and which they want to stand for.



Do Fairy Tales affect a Child’s perception of reality? 

Doesn’t it depend on the fairy tale though? I strive to be Mulan every day. I mean she is my role model, but seriously though, there are some great fairy tales that show the reality in a way a child will understand. When you’re young you think, I’ll find my prince charming but in so many fairy tales the portrayal of women has been ridiculously absurd. Take snow white, cinderella, or ariel, they marry the first guy they see. Oh yes, and in fairy tales a man must save a woman because a woman is not capable to save herself, right? Kids have unrealistic expectations when they hear fairy tales. Sometimes there is no happily ever after but again it’s magic. These are stories that interest kids because they are transformed into the world of magic for just a few minutes.



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