10 Reasons why our Education System is broken

Hold up! If you’re someone who’s like me a student, you’d like this but if you are not from my generation you won’t know what I am talking about. You may have clicked this post in anger of a stupid kid who doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Don’t get me wrong here, I like school. I think every kid likes school, we just don’t like the worries and homework that it comes with but that’s not the problem is it. The reason most people will not understand this is because you’re not in school, but us teenagers are and it is oddly different from up close. The problem is not with the education, well maybe it is but the whole education system as a whole is broken and if you’re a student you know it too.

Do you know a country which succeeds in eduction, a country which is doing better than any country in the world? If you guessed Finland you are right. If you’re a student Finland schools are a dream come true. No homework. No standardized tests. Lesser school hours. For all the parents, yes these are beneficial things, it is a proven fact, check the education statistic of Finland. Finland is a great example of why our countries education system is broken here’s reasons why our education system is broken.


  1. Kids are Scared of School
  2. Kids do not learn creativity at schools
  3. All subject are not given an equal chance
  4. Our education system has not changed from the last 150 years
  5. Grades and scores define intelligence
  6. Every student’s way of learning is not catered too
  7. Teachers are blamed if the student doesn’t succeed
  8. Your grades determine your future
  9. Competition instead of Collaboration
  10. Students are not taught about real world problems


Kids are scared of School

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Well that’s not entirely school but we have all woken up in the morning crying about going to school, ever wondered why? We have all at some point come back home and told our parents, I hate school, school sucks. We’re not joking. We’re scared that if we don’t understand something, we will get an f in our test and fail. We’ve all been there, pretending to look away when the teacher asks a question that you don’t know the answer to. I don’t think a student should feel like they shouldn’t try at all just because they might end up being wrong. You’re scared that on the next test, you’ll get a B or a C and when you bring that home to your parents they won’t be happy with it. We’re scared that getting a low mark in math and science will affect our whole future. Students aren’t scared of learning, they’re scared that their learning may never be good enough. Everyday that I wake up, I am not looking forward to going to school, I do because I have to. There is no excitement. Like most things in life, we do things because we have to but we spend 15 years of our lives in school and that’s a very long time. Shouldn’t we at least get something to look forward too.



Kids Do NOT learn creativity at school

Everything we learn in schools is by the book and we forget the creative aspect of things. We learn math for so many years and yet when we get out of school we don’t know how to earn money or pay taxes or buy a house. We’re taught the math behind everything but we’re not actually taught that thing. Today, if I were to go out in the real world and earn money I wouldn’t even know where to begin. You see schools are so focused on the tests and creativity just can’t be tested, so we simply don’t learn it at all. I’ll put is simple, Drew Barrymore, Johny Depp, Benedict Cumberbatch, Walt Disney, Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Richard Branson, are just a few out of thousand of people who dropped out of school but they’re still famous. They have still accomplished things that most people who have gone through years and years of education have not been able to. They left school and found their creativity and today we look up to these people everyday, most of these people who we are being taught about in our history lessons. We look learn from people who have been dropouts themselves. If you still don’t know what I am talking about watch this video.




All subject are not given an equal chance

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Let me be straight up with you. I am not good at math or science but I have sit through the classes everyday just to come out and learn something I may never use in my life. I want to be an actor. I wanna act but we all know schools don’t give all subject the same chance. I have math everyday of the week. I have science everyday of the week, but I only have performing art, 3 days in 6 days. Just like me there are millions of students who don’t like all subjects, but the subjects that they like aren’t given enough time at school. We give math and science so much time and they might be someone’s future and dream, but not everyone’s. Why can’t all dreams be given and equal chance. Why can’t all gifts be given an equal chance. Some kids are good at music, some at writing, some at arts but we all know that for decades now, all the school’s really focus is on Math and Science. Not all of us understand and not all of us will and that’s okay but we should at least get a fair shot at learning what we are compassionate about. Not everyone wants to be a doctor or an astronaut and not everybody can be. There are actors, lawyers, dancers, musicians and so many other professions which are important a student never learns that at school because all schools only focus on Math and Science. I have given many entrance examinations in my life and guess what? Math, Science and English are a must. So if I’m not good at those subjects, I am not well equipped to have a good education? I may not be good at all subjects but I haven’t even gotten a chance to prove all the subjects I am good at.



Our Education System has not changed from the last 150 years

Old Spy Phone - Motorola Dynatac 8000x Clipart , Free Transparent ...The best phone to buy right now (2019) - The Verge

This is a phone from 150 years ago and this is a phone we use now.

150 years ago, Missouri's railroad revolutionized travelTop 10 Fastest Trains In The World 2020 - The Mysterious World

This is a train from 150 years ago.                                                     And this is a train now

Now you may be thinking, what does a train and a phone have anything to do with the education system and here’s how.

Thousands of school pupils trapped in Victorian-style classes of ...ICSE changes pattern, conducts practical exams in schools now

This is a picture of schools 150 years ago.                    And this is a picture of schools today.

You see the only difference in these two pictures is the colour. Our world is constantly evolving. There is new technology created so often but ours schools have somehow remained the same. Have you ever wondered why you sit in straight rows? Or why all you do at school is listen to the teachers instructions, ‘Raise you hand and speak’ and short bathroom breaks and that too if only your teacher allows that. Schools back then were made like this because students were being taught how to work at factories which explain why a school looks very similar to a factory. A factory worker has to be disciplined and do everything as asked but today we don’t need that. When you walk somewhere walk in straight assembles lines, have you ever wondered why you do that? We do it because we’re asked to but this concept was introduced years ago to prepare students to be factory workers and somehow schools have not changed since then. Schools need to change. There are so any jobs, so many different technologies. Everything is evolving and the schools need to too. It’s our now but it feels like we’re living in the past.



Grades and Scores define intelligence

New study shows widespread grade inflation in high schools

Have you ever gotten a C and felt like a complete failure, a lot of people have but that does not define your intelligence. To be completely honest, parents are to blame for this as well. You want your child you get A’s and you put so much pressure on them about it. Your child will not be good at everything and you should not be forcing them to be. It’s okay if you don’t get good grades, it’s not the end of the world. Parents and Schools have a misconception that if a student gets good marks they’re smart and if students get bad grades they’re dumb but that’s not how i works. Schools focus on book smart and you will only get good grades if you memorize everything by heart. Intelligence should not be defined by how much you can memorize, it should be defined by ones ability of learn. I don’t get the best of grades in my class. I’d class myself an average student but I am also one of the smartest people I know and that is because I can hold a conversation and I don’t mean small talk, with everyone. I have strong opinions on subjects that most students I know don’t because schools never teach us that.We learn everything by the book and if we learn by the book we get good marks but there is a whole different world outside of that book which will prove your worth. To all parents, teachers and schools who define smartness by grades, stop. Your child might be the smartest person in the room and you will just criticize them for something they may not be good at. By doing so you are telling the child that they are worthless, not good enough. It’s your job to see your child’s gifts and dreams. They are not obligated to live your dreams. You didn’t give birth to your child to fulfill your dreams and your hopes. Everyone has different talents and getting bad grades does not in any way define their worth in the society.



Every student’s way of learning is not catered too

The reason I am writing this blog id because I stumbled upon a very good video and they explain it better than I do but Prince Ea said, “If a doctor prescribed the exact same medicine to all of his patients, the results would be tragic. So many people would get sick and yet when it comes to school this is exactly what happens. This education malpractice where one teacher stands in front of 20 students each having different strains, different needs, different gifts, different dreams and you teach the same thing the same way.’  If that doesn’t explain it I don’t what will. Some children learn visually, some learn through audio, some learn better with words and some learn betters when things are written, so when every child had different needs to learn and f they are only being taught by something which works for the school, how are we supposed to get “good grades”? How are we supposed to succeed and when half of us are left behind.



Teachers are blamed if the student doesn’t succeed

Do you know what is the world’s most important job? Well there could be many answers to that but teachers are the most underrated people ever. Teachers help build a child’s future. They have enough power to save someone’s life but teachers still don’t have enough power. They don’t decide what to teach. They don’t make the rules. Some teachers don’t even get to decide how they want to teach and if a child does not do well, teachers are blamed because they did not teach them well but that’s not the truth. Teachers work so hard to teach their students things but there is so much that they cannot teach, simple because it’s not what needs to bought or what the school things is appropriate to be taught. I think it’s all the people who make the rules, who design the courses who are at fault here.



Your Grades Determine your future

One of the many faults of society. I have always wondered why colleges like to take people who get good marks. It like if you’d not good at something you’re not good at anything. Shouldn’t we get into colleges based in our talents instead of what we scored in 10th grade. People like to say 10th grade and 12th grade are the worst because you have boards. I mean I know that and it’s scary. I don’t want my mistakes to completely ruin my future. You already have so much stress on the exam day and knowing that this will determine your whole future does not help. Grades should not define someone’s future because not everyone is good at studies. Ask Einstien, he hated school. Coming back to the point I already made, we have different hopes, different dreams and different gifts so why can’t we all get the same chance to prove ourselves. Why does standardized testing have to determine what college I end up in or how smart or dumb I am. Tomorrow if I were to apply for a job, they’re not going to ask me how much I got in some Math test when I was in 9th grade, heck they aren’t even going to ask me what I got on my boards they looks at our skills, our abilities, so why can’t school. They don’t teach us any creativity, the least they can do is appreciate it. Let me put is in the simplest words I can, a person can come top of their class, go to the best college and still no nothing about the world because all they did was memorize things, exactly what school asked them to do.



Competition instead of Collaboration

If you’re anything like me I don’t need to tell you there is a problem, you know this is a problem. Schools are meant to be about collaboration because out in the real world that’s how things work but in school it’s all about competition. Get better grades. Who can get the most a’s? Who can accomplish the most at the youngest age? Who can get the highest mark on the test? Stop! Life is not a competition and schools shouldn’t treat it as one. We’re all unique in our own ways. We’ve all heard the story where one stick breaks but 10 don’t so why do we still compete. why can’t we all be good. The world is big enough for everyone to make a place for themselves. Schools should focus on how create a bond between the students not separate them or stereotype them on the basis of their grades. When we have jobs, we have to work together. The job of a school should be to teach collaboration instead of competition. Why can’t there be a classroom where everyone student is smart because they are.

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Students are not taught about real world problems

I did not learn any social problems at school. You see when we go out in the real world there are many problems and we as students have never learnt about them. I haven’t ever had a discussion on sexism, racism, lgbtqia, or even mental health issues. The sad thing I had tolerant these things from Netflix or Youtube and other movies. I have never had a real discussion about world problems at school. Depression and suicide are problems that need to be discussed about especially because teenagers from the age 15 to 24 years old. Shouldn’t schools educate students about these things? Shouldn’t this be taught as school? When do we talk about drugs or other harmful substances. One session a year maybe and that’s all. As a school, it your responsibility to educate the students about everything. It’s your job to make them ready for tomorrow.

What “real world problems” do our applied geography members help ...



You see, I am not mad, I am disappointed, nope that’s wrong, who am I kidding, I am furious. Maybe you won’t understand me because of the generation gap, maybe you will. Maybe you were okay with it but I am not. This is present and this will determine my future. I am studying in a broken system and this will ultimately impact my future and every other kids who is going to school today. Another great quote by Prince Ea, ‘While students may be 20% our population, they are 100% our future.’ They say change is a good thing, then why haven’t schools changed. Most people may love homework but according to the research held by Stanford University, homework causes a lot of stress. 56% of students said that their stress is due to homework. 43% viewed test as the reason and 33% put pressure of getting good grades as one of the reasons. Do you really want your students or your child to feel that much stress, most of it because of you. Stop having any expectation from your kids. They have their own dreams, their own passions it’s okay if they don’t get the best grades. Stop scolding them for things they may not even be able to control. It is that hard for people to appreciate the positives rather than look at the negatives. Every student has a gift, embrace your child’s. Don’t put expectations on them. Their’s may be very different to your. It’s not your life, it’s their, let them live it. Nobody said it like it is so I did. I love education, I do, I just hate the system. So if you’re reading this share it so people know how difficult it is for a child to cope up at school. We don’t to grow up and forgot everything we learned at school.

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