I spent a day with my teachers to learn about Online Respect


Respect. What is respect? “due regard for the feelings, wishes, or rights of others,” is Google’s definition but that is common knowledge so why is it that under these insinuating circumstances we forget that we must show respect to everyone around us, especially our teachers.


Having respect for others is a common trait that we are all taught when we are young so why is that when it comes to online classes that things have taken a turn in the wrong direction. During the time of lockdown, every school has started taking online classes so that the students do not miss out on anything and while this can be hard for students, we forget to realize that this is in many ways a lot worse for the teachers. In a classroom full of students, it is very easy for a teacher to keep their students in line but more than that students know how to show respect to teachers in class, so why and how it is any different in online classes? So what better way to do it then ask my teachers themselves. I invited Chaahat Dhall, Abhishek Sharma, and Manisha Guha, all of whom teach me.


Being a student, I know how difficult online classes can be because of how different they are. We need to adapt to a whole new setting and though we do like being on the screen a lot, it is very different when it comes to studying but what everyone fails to see is that online classes are much more difficult for teachers than it is for any of us. For one, many aged teachers are not familiar with the new technology, and they have to fear to take classes online in case they do something wrong. Abhishek Sir mentioned that one of his teachers had to quit his job because adjusting to a new way of teaching was getting very difficult for him and just like him many teachers don’t know their way around gadgets, and we as students don’t help but apart from these problems teachers tend to do a little more work than they usually have to do as compared to being in school.


Preparing online classes is not as easy as you may think it is not easy at all. Teachers have to find an alternative activity for physical activities. Lab activities are not possible and teachers have to find and discover new ways to teach the same thing differently. Most teachers barely get one hour of rest every day and yet they don’t seem to complain. They have to work overtime because they want to give us our best chance at life.


The chatbox has become an enemy of many teachers. Sitting behind a laptop and having the audacity to insult your teacher has seemed to become easy for students. Coming as an unknown user, and trash-talking your teacher or sometimes coming as your teacher and swearing in the chatbox is simply not funny. Even arguing with your friends in the chatbox of having irrelevant conversations with them is not but disrespectful towards the teacher who is only trying to help you. Before Google had added a new feature where only the teacher can remove the students or handle the meet, students took it upon themselves to remove the teachers who were trying to teach even in a chaotic of circumstances.


What does it mean to be “cool” because there are a lot of students who think insulting their teacher or wasting their time counts for being cool but it doesn’t? You can have a laugh or two with your teacher and they probably will appreciate it but hiding behind a screen and shouting out insults at them for just trying to help you learn is just mean. It makes you a mean and disrespectful person because you are not keeping regard to somebody else’s feelings just to look “cool” and that is not okay. Many teacher are prepared for the worst, they have been trained to but many aren’t and as students not only is it our responsibility to appreciate them for all the hard work they put in for us but we also have to support them and stand up for them when somebody else is insulting them.


They put in everything they have for us, the least we can do is show them respect. It’s not that hard, things are different for all of us but they are trying their best even if we can’t see it. As students and as good people, we should be able to give them respect. That’s all they need and that’s exactly what they should get to have to work overtime every day. For all the people who think disrespecting your teacher makes you cool, I have some sad news for you, it doesn’t. It doesn’t make you cool, it just makes you look like a complete fool. Stop bullying your teachers and taking advantage of their rare knowledge about the new technology. We all take time to adapt to things and so do teachers. Instead of bullying your teachers help them.


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