The other end of Spectrum- Sexism in the Indian Society

The term Sexism means, “prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, based on sex.” Sexism has been an age-old problem that has been getting better with the coming years but there is still so much gap between men and women. As a Feminist, I was so focused on setting women free that I forgot that I was making the same mistake that thousands of people do. Feminism, what started to create equality between the two genders, has changed with the coming years. There are very few people who know what it stood for and should stand for but some have gotten lost and become ignorant.


It took me a long time to realize that women are not the only ones who are discriminated against, men are too. I didn’t think that men were being suppressed or so I chose to believe. Many are and many aren’t but I compared the levels of oppression between the two genders and that’s when I realized, it didn’t matter the cause, in the end, it all hurts the same. Very recently I had come across, Men Activist’s Group and I thought to myself, what do boys need right’s for? How are they the victims? But it’s not boys vs girls, is it? Its the whole society.


From a very young age, our gender determines our life. If you’re a girl you’re most likely to like the color pink, I mean all clothes are usually in that color. If you’re a boy, then you’ll be surrounded by blue. Even the toys you play with or the clothes you wear are all decided for you the second you are born. Women are known as the gentle, delicate, in need of saving and protection while men are known as arrogant, strong, always saving women. Take our classic Disney fairy tales. From a very young age, we are taught who we should be and in that way, we lose ourselves. These stereotypes which were once just that started shaping reality.



Things Boys have to hear


Don’t cry like a girl. Both men and women have emotions. A gender doesn’t cry a certain way.

You fight like a girl. Both boys and girls fight the same way, some are good at it and some aren’t.

Boys don’t play with dolls. Toys aren’t associated with a gender. Children are meant to be played by kids, toys don’t come with label. “Only for boys” or “Only for girls”

You got hit by a girl? So What? Next time hit her back.

Men will be men. You’re correct, their gender is never gonna change.

You’re so sensitive. The world needs more sensitive people. We all get sensitive.

Be a man. They are a man.

Boys don’t cry during movies. Everyone cried when Iron Man died. If you didn’t, do you even have a heart?

Boys don’t like the color pink. Color doesn’t define masculinity because I really like the color blue.

You are supposed to do all the heavy lifting in the family. What does this even mean? Like carrying bags or something?

Your wife pays the bills. Correct she works, like she should.





And plenty of other statements are discriminate towards both genders but I guess that how our society has made things. I have always been confused as to why the girls’ family gives the guys family or why they did when the two were getting married. So I asked my family. I asked them, why would the girls’ family give money to the boys? Then aren’t you just paying money in exchange for your child? And they told me people do that because they are “buying” the guy to be with their daughter and that was by far the stupidest thing I have heard to this date.


You see my point is that gender stereotypes have been placed on both genders. A man can be what they want to be without having anybody judge them. Men cry. They feel too. They don’t have to be strong all the time. It is okay to vulnerable. When a woman doesn’t work, nobody tells her that she should but when a man doesn’t, he gets so much criticism. If a woman can be a housewife, so can the husband. It shouldn’t matter where the income is coming from as long as the family is happy. It about time that we let our gender decided what job we get to do, or what life we get to live. We need to be able to take control of our own life regardless of what others may think of us. Be who you want to be, not what society forces you to be.


I am a feminist and I stand for equality. Not women above men but with them. We all deserve to be free of social constructions.

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