What does it mean to be “Popular”?

What does it mean to be “popular”? Is it having a large number of people following you? Or it is how many people know you? Doe being popular necessarily mean that you are a “mean girl/boy”? Does popularity only refer to athletes and cheerleaders? Does popularity have anything to do with Status? Does being popular mean you gossip all the time? Popularity is based on many different stereotypes. Thanks to Mean girls and every other teenage romance movies. As a teenager myself sometimes it can be hard to tell what does popularity means and why is it so important to so many people.


You see there was a time in one of my schools where I was popular and then there was a phase in my life that I hated popular girls. To me it always meant being known by everyone in your grade, you someone everyone tends to like. I on the other hand like being those things, I guess we all do. To some being popular may mean being famous to others it may mean having many friends. There is no correct definition to “being popular” but secretly whatever the definition may mean we all want to be it. We all want to have tons of friends and be seen once in a while. We all would want somebody people to know. Somebody people respect and think of it. I know I would once in a while. The whole concept of popularity seemed very interesting to me because all my life I have seen people who are popular, people who hate the popular, and then some want to be popular. Seriously, thanks to every teenage movie that I have watched over the last decade. I went online on my Instagram and asked my friends a few questions to see what popularity means to them.


To be honest, half the people here were being too modest. I guess we have created such a stigma around popularity the meaning of a simple word has changed into something far more complex. Mean Girls has spoiled the reality of high school. The one reason why people disapprove of being popular is that today, being popular means that you are rude, bitchy, egoistic, and selfish if you’re a female and for a guy, if you’re simply just a jock. Though this may be the case for many people it is not the reality. Being a nerd, jock or princess should not be things that define a person. Yet, sometimes they do. 


I thought my school was different but every school has a hierarchy. You’d think there are enough of that in society without having one in school as well but it is true. Though our school may not follow the exact stereotype does not mean we don’t have one. I have friends who have stayed in school for almost their entire life and yet nobody knows their name. Hell, they aren’t even respected by their classmates, the reason, they’re introverts. Not because they don’t want friends but because of who they are and how people look at them. On the other end of the spectrum are people who are extremely popular for no good reason. No seriously, though. The day I joined the school, the social hierarchy was more than visible. It was the easiest thing to spot those who considered themselves to be better than others. There were those who were a part of that group but had enough respect for others, they were friendly. There were those who were well-known within their class but that was all Then there were others who had a collective group of friends. Last were the outcasts. You can probably already tell which group I was a part of. If it isn’t clear then I’ll spell it out for you, it was the outcasts, the outsider. 


The reason I found this topic interesting is because I didn’t fit in. I never did. I watched things from the outside most of time until I starting envying everybody. The reality is a lot of people feel that way. 54% of people from my followers said that they did not like popular people in their school and the rest 46% said they did. It was close but, there are people like me who wanted to be seen once in a while. Who want to be respected because of their talents. Sometimes support is all that people need. I used to watch from the sidelines hoping I was one of them because I wanted people to know and see me. See me. Not because of the books I had written or the grades that I got.


My parents told me that it would all workout when I finally achieved something. I did and yes, I got noticed for a little while until things went back to the way they were. People don’t like popular people not because they are rude or ignorant but because somewhere deep down they know that they want to be like them. That they want to known by people. So they can have someone to talk to or someone who looks up to them. Just as much as we hate to admit it we live our life based on validation. It all a competition to see who is best. Who can get the most likes? Who can get the most views or the most comments? We like to be told that we are good enough. Maybe popularity is not loved by people because it unfair. It unfair that a lot of people get love and some don’t get that enough. So what exactly does define popular? How do you get popular?


It is a smart thing? Or a sport thing? An extrovert thing? Or a rich thing? Because I just can’t seem to point my finger to the correct answer. Just as much as a loathe this system I can’t blame anybody. Yes, it was would be great if my work is appreciated once in a while. It would also be thrilling if people listen to me once in a while and cheer me achievements. I am not different when it comes to validation. I don’t agree with school stereotypes. I think there is a lot more to a person that should determine their worth in the school. Words such as nerd, jock, geek and princess don’t mean anything to me and I don’t think those things should be things that tell you how to act, who to talk to and who you are. All of this seems very…high schooly and I guess it is. It has its significance to it.


It is time that everybody gets a fair chance, even outsiders.

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