HOMEWORK! The enemy of every kid 😡

What is something that every kid hates? I don’t think that the answer to this question is hard at all. Homework. It is the one nightmare of every kid. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not here hating on school, I’m just here hating on the concept of giving homework. I mean yes, I hate homework because it takes away way too much of my playtime. I think this is the obvious reason for every kid but I have analyzed this more than I should and I have concluded that I am right, homework does suck. Okay! Maybe I am being a bit too harsh. Homework may be helpful for some people but it sure does not work for me. Think about it for a second though, we go to school to study so why do we need to study the same thing again at home, shouldn’t we that in school because that’s what school is meant for? 



Reason schools shouldn’t give homework-:

  • It takes away playtime 

  • It adds to the stress

  • It is a burden

  • Gives Kids the Wrong message

  • It doesn’t make sense  




It takes away playtime for kids


There are 24 hours in a day out of which 8 hours are meant to be given to our sleep and the other 8 hours go to school which leave us with 8 full hours. It only makes sense that we get to balance out the work and play. If Math and Science are so important to become somebody someday, why aren’t basketball and music not? We get 8 hours for playout of which 2 may just go eating food, taking a shower, and all the other things we do every day, at the least. We don’t need school to take away 2 more hours just to do the same thing we did in school. Those 2 hours of the kids could go for a workout or the class that they want to go to or even something as simple as sleep. I wake up at 8 and my school starts at 9, thank God for online classes, or else I could be crushed by my schedule and I am free. In the afternoons I am scared to fall asleep because if I do my entire day might just flop. School is anyways so tired and wanting to sleep in the afternoon feels like a crime because maybe just maybe I am wasting my time. When you give us homework, you take away a lot more than just one hour or 2. 



It adds to the stress


Being a 10th-grade student I have to be attentive in all classes just so I don’t lag. I have to go to the gym so I don’t fat. I have to mind what I say in class, so people don’t make fun of me. I have to listen, so when the teacher picks on me I am not clueless. There is already so much stress for every student out there. This is not a problem for 10th Graders. Many students have so much stress build onto them. There are expectations one needs to meet and you think homework helps? No. Take it from a student it doesn’t. Getting bombarded with homework is not fun, especially when you nod your head in class and tell your teacher you will finish it. Once on the weekends, I had homework for 8 subjects and it sure wasn’t because I don’t manage my time well because I did every homework the week before for all days. We shouldn’t have to worry about one extra thing on our plate. The things we do outside of school are always said to be dumb or stupid or useless but no, we do it because we like to do it. Homework, on the other hand, we don’t like doing. Every night after I reach home I have to sit on my desk for more than an hour finishing my homework, but half that time I just think about what if I don’t finish the homework until I get a migraine. 

Don’t take my word for it, here is the research conducted by Healthline that shows how homework does add on to stress. Click here to see the source. 



It is a burden 


Not that I haven’t already mentioned this point, but homework is an unnecessary burden. When I’m done the all I want to do is chill. Sleep a little. Play. Listen to music. Watch my favorite Tv show but, no, instead I have to sit and study all over again. Let me simply play it out for you. I get up at 8, I get ready for school. I have school till 2:30 and this online class I am talking about. By 3 I finish up my lunch. I sleep till 4:30. I got to the gym and come back by 6:30. I take a shower and by the time I get home I’m already dead tired but I have dinner and instead of reading a good book or watching something I have to study. I have to study so I don’t get demerit or a red flag at school. From the morning to the time I slip into my bed, I recall whether I finished my homework or not because if I don’t, we all know things don’t end well. The school promotes reading but when do we read when you are taking that time telling us to do exactly what we learned in class. When school ends, students shouldn’t have to worry about the homework they should be doing things that they love in the little time that they have. Sports, arts, and everything that we do is just as important as school. Homework is like the bowl of vegetables on the plate that no kid is willing to eat because they might just throw up if they have some more.



Gives Kids the Wrong Message 


Maybe this is just me but homework can give students the wrong message. This is not looked at by many teachers or parents which understandable because it’s less noticeable. The school includes subjects such as Math, Language, Science, you know the usual. When we get homework, the school is saying that give priority to these subjects. To give priority to this homework. It says, we don’t care what you do or not but this work should be done because this is more important than what you are doing right now. Which shouldn’t be the case at all. Why is Math, Science, or language more important than things outside of class. I don’t mean to be rude but I have learned so much from watching TV shows than I have from learning at school. Why shouldn’t art, or sports be our priority? Homework gives the message that it is more important than anything else you’re doing outside of school. We may not be on the same page here but that’s fine because that’s how I feel a lot of the times when I let my mind go down the “why homework sucks spiral.”



It doesn’t make any sense


Quite frankly, it just isn’t that important. Mind here that I am talking about homework and not a school in any way. I don’t understand the point of homework. We go to school for a reason. What reason does homework have? Okay, yes, it help’s the teacher understand whether you have learned anything in class and if so how much but this can be done in so many other effective ways. All teachers have to do is have class discussions the next day to see whether the students still remember things or not. Why can’t the time we do homework be put in the next class? A more effective learning plan wouldn’t ask students to do homework. If we’re doing the work at school, why are we doing it at home? School is meant for a reason and that’s to study. No joke but I am a firm believer of If we can’t sleep in school, home is not a place for us to study either. School should be the place we should be studying and once we are out of school we should be able to live our lives. 



It’s not that all homework is bad. Some are actually not too horrible but sometimes that just depends on our teacher. There are some kind teachers who give a minimum of 10 minutes homework, just once a week. Then there are others who give homework every single time we have a class. There are some kids who do enjoy working outside of school which is why the best thing is to give optional homework so nobody really gets affected by it. Also what’s with giving extra homework on the weekends? Like seriously just because we have time does not mean we are thinking about school in the least bit.



Homework is liking forcing the child to have poison and then getting mad at them for not having, okay, maybe that way a little exaggerated but in conclusion homework sucks. It is the true enemy of every student. Like if you are a student who hates homework just as much as me and agree with me.



P.S. We don’t finish homework not because we are not good at time management but because IT IS A LOT! (for all schools and teachers)




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