2021 Goals+ 2020 Reflection!!! What A Year!

Let’s talk about something different today. Well first of all, Happy New Years Everyone. Let’s start by me thanking you for all your support. Thank you so much for sticking by me for more than 6 months. I could have never been able to do this without you. 2020 was just a rollercoaster ride. For me it was everything I ever dreamed off and yet dreaded. Being the anti-social person I am, 2020 was more bearable for me than it may have been for others. I accomplished so many different things this year and plan to do so much more the coming year. Fingers crossed. I am so grateful for the year that went by and the people in my life who stuck by it all.



I don’t much expect anything rom 2021. I never really liked making New Years resolutions because ultimately I would end up disappointing myself and I hate fake optimism that only lasts for a day. Today. But I do hope to make some changes in my life for me, so I can be better and grow.



In 2021 I want-:


  • Read at least 30 books if not more. (Gotta manage that schedule according to school too) Feel free to reach out for any recommendations at any time.

  • Go the gym as frequently as I can and lose some of my belly fat (a must).

  • Be more social and take time off my gadgets. Not that I really think I’ll be able to do it but a girl can dream.

  • Score better grades and try. I’m the kinda person who doesn’t like to study before exams or for exams at all but maybe this year. Hope I don’t fail my boards.

  • Wear more denims, okay I know it is a weird goal but I have stopped trying to work on myself and the way I look. I think I’d want to not look shabby 24/7 once in a while.

  • And Lastly, write a book, or at least finish the one I’m writing.



The other goals are pretty self-explanatory. You know be kind and nice all the other cliches. Let’s see how long any of these goals last. Knowing me, not very long at all. It won’t take me much to mess these us. I might be the laziest person on the planet because of which I know I will screw these up very soon. But for now I would much rather just let my imagination take me on a ride of happiness and hope.



Now let’s talk 2020. Yes, 2020. For some people the worst years of their lives but for me I would say it was…eh. It was not excellent but on the other hand I actually enjoyed a lot of the things. It was definitely not the most forgettable years. It wouldn’t be fair for me to tag 2020 as the year created by Satan cause to to be fair, 2020 bought a lot of gifts for me. There were some ups and downs but at the end I was sitting alone on my bed on New Years, eating Cheetos and watching a TV show.



In 2020 I-:

  • Wrote 1 book

  • Published 2 books

  • Read about 25 books

  • Started gyming. Not a lot but it was a start

  • Became more lazy

  • Didn’t leave the one spot on my bed for days

  • Didn’t go outside, at all.

  • Binge-watched more TV Shows than I can count.

  • Ordered so many books that my money used to get over in less than a week

  • Had way too much unhealthy food

  • Had online classes (kind ways under both pros and cons) I hated it but I loved being in my bed, without having to take a shower or change my clothes and take classes.

  • Started a blog

  • Started a YouTube Channel



And I guess that’s it. 2020 just didn’t feel very long. I guess I just skipped 6 months forward. Everyday was the same day, not that I had a problem with that either. As long as I got to chill on my bed I was more than happy. Let’s hope that 2021 is a much better year and gets lots more happiness and joy to everyone. And maybe a little bit of stress too, always fun to watch people stuffer you know. So bye 2020. I am looking forward to this year and what it has in store for me, something good, hopefully. And Again, thank you for sticking by me. Here was a short blog about my reflection on 2020 and what I wish out of 2021. Peace out.

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